Crown Cruiser Motors

Introducing Rapture

The World's Most Sophisticated e-bike

Lightweight, durable and affordable, the Rapture™ has been designed to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable urban transport without compromising on comfort or style.

Featuring a state-of-the-art monocoque carbon frame with lifetime warranty, smart batteries, customisable front girder suspension, ergonomic handlebars and cutting edge connectivity - Rapture™ is the e-bike you’ll want to be seen riding.

Rear Hub Motor

Powerful, brushless, DC hub motor ranging from 250w to 750w.

Fully Charged

Purpose-built phone compartment provides a secure place to wirelessly charge your devices on the go.

Stay Connected

Cutting-edge app connects to both iOS and Android devices. LCD display and integrated Bluetooth.

Ride your way

A lightweight carbon fibre front girder suspension features customisable lockout and damping control.

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